Frequently Asked Questions
Are my sessions confidential?

Yes, the fact of your participation in Expressive Arts Therapy, any information disclosed and all artwork created during a private session will be held in strict confidence, with the following legal exceptions:

1. Literal and direct threats to harm yourself, others or the property of others.

2. Any disclosure of child, elder or dependent abuse.

3. Legal subpoena of specific records.

4. Your signed request to release specific information to a named individual or organization.

What Does A Session Look Like?

Opening Conversation

Every session is unique and individually tailored to fit your needs. We usually begin with a check-in conversation that will inspire and guide our exploration through the arts.

The Art Experience

Together we'll use the arts to explore and follow the images, themes, metaphors or emotions that emerged in our conversation. We might choose to play and experiment with the materials, allowing something unplanned to reveal itself. I'll role is to witness, guide and hold a safe space for you and your authentic expression. The studio is filled with a wide variety of art materials selected to activate your imagination and inspire creative expression in any form.

Closing Conversation

We'll close the session by attending to your thoughts and feelings that accompanied your experience in the studio. There may be new perspectives or insights gained, new questions or even answers. Creating and playing with art materials in an environment of unconditional acceptance and support can help you re-connect with your innate wisdom as a powerful resource for decision-making, problem-solving and self-care.

What is my financial investment?

All private sessions are 60 minutes in length and include all art supplies. Payment is due at the start of each session in the form of check, cash, Venmo or credit card. As an Expressive Arts Therapist I do not bill insurance, however I do have a few spaces available for a sliding scale rate. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you to learn how I can best support you and/or your loved ones.

How often can I schedule private sessions?

It's important that you direct your healing journey. There may be times when weekly sessions are more helpful and other times when sessions every other week provide you with the support that you need.

Where are sessions held?

The Dancing Canvas is currently a mobile service, where I travel to you in the comfort of your own home in San Diego.*

* Travel distances apply

Do I need to complete any forms before we begin?

In order to maximize our time together during your first session, I will email you my Informed Consent and other office forms print and complete before we begin.

How did the field of Expressive Arts Therapy emerge?

The professional field of Expressive Arts emerged in the mid-1970s, citing ancient origins of the arts in healing practices. Today the field has a wide range of applications in various disciplines including counseling, education, consultation, organizational development and international efforts for social change and justice. The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) serves as the professional organization for the field, articulating standards of practice, ethical guidelines and the credentialing process for registration.

Feel free to contact me with any other questions.