Research Articles Reveal The Healing Power Of The Arts

Why Making Art Is The New Meditation

"Many of us have heard about the benefits of meditation, but sometimes find it hard to do.  Fewer of us know about the profound benefits of artistic expression. Creating art, however, is another way to access a meditative state of mind and the profound healing it brings..."

It's Time To Recognise The Contribution Arts Can Make To Health and Wellbeing

"Arts and Minds - a leading arts and mental health charity, has been running weekly art workshops for people experiencing depression, stress or anxiety in Cambridgeshire for the past seven years. Led by an artist and counsellor, its Arts on Prescription project offers a chance to work with a range of materials and techniques, including printmaking and sculpture. The impact has been outstanding..."

Creating Ceramics Can Help Combat Depression

"If you’ve ever pushed your hands into a piece of wet clay, you’ll likely have a sense of the therapeutic properties of the material. The physicality of clay, and its vast potential for creativity, have attracted artists, artisans, and amateurs for centuries. Those practitioners have long lauded the restorative and meditative benefits of creating ceramics—and today, it’s a proven method for art therapy..."

What Is Art Therapy? And How Is It Helping People?

"On Wednesday morning, Second Lady Karen Pence held a press conference at Florida State University to outline how and why she will promote art therapy in the United States during her time in the White House. Her platform, officially known as Art Therapy: Healing with the HeART, aims to help Americans understand and access the benefits of art therapy and to stimulate interest among young people to pursue careers in the field..."​

Research Shows the Health Benefits of Music

"Scientists are now supporting the claim that music is medicine. There are many mindfulness practices to stimulate inner awareness, increase health, and elevate our mood. Now we can add to that list practices such as listening to Mozart with your full being while sipping tea, singing a pop-song out loud while you drive across town, or losing your body to ecstatic dancing. Scientific research now shows us the ways that music has a physiological effect on our bodies and can improve concentration, relieve stress, act as an antidepressant and more..."

How To Talk To Kids About Violence & Terror

"As parents, we are rarely at a loss for words. We delight in sharing the knowledge we have gathered over a lifetime, and find joy in teaching our children to navigate their world. Yes, there are topics we may feel uncomfortable talking about, like sex and drugs; but we find a way, and with time, can talk about them with greater ease. As the news of school shootings, terror attacks and random violence occur with greater frequency, we find ourselves in the position of having to explain the unfathomable..."

Raising Creative Kids: Make A Home That Builds Imagination

"Here’s something middle-aged and older parents can relate to: Reminiscing on your childhood, how often did you go outside to play? Remember those makeshift outdoor games using rubber bands as jumping rope, or flipping bottle caps, or hopping around chalk drawings on the ground? Kids back then certainly let their imagination run wild. But times have changed and children today are likely to be stuck indoors, in front of the TV or at their devices. Computer games are fun and some are even educational, but being sat all day pushing buttons means that active and creative play rates among youngsters have plummeted over the years.​.."