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Connect with your innate creativity for

personal expression, self-care & healing!

Drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, making music, moving and storytelling are all powerful creative resources that can help us express ourselves, encourage curiosity, invite insight and help us heal. The infinite power of our imagination allows us to communicate using the colorful language of the arts.


The arts empower our voices, our hands and our hearts to tell stories of what was, what is and what can be. We create about beauty and despair, about the darkness and the light. We imagine our way forward, shaping our own images and in return we allow them to nurture and guide us.

We all go through difficult times when our heart feels broken and our options feel limited. During these challenging times, an Expressive Arts Therapist can help you re-connect with your innate creative wisdom and shine a light upon your beauty, strength, hope and resilience.

Art making belongs to us all and can be a powerful tool for personal reflection and self-care. The artwork that we create is approached with non-judgement and curiosity, with great value placed on the creative process itself. 

Painting on Canvas

Working through the arts with a caring professional can help you:

  • Feel supported in authentic expression

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and your needs

  • Learn new coping skills

  • Gain new perspectives for problem solving

  • Cultivate a tolerance for uncertainty and the unknown

  • Invite spontaneity, fun and creative play

  • Cultivate self-love, compassion and acceptance

  • Develop a sense of hope and resilience

Meet Natalie Cruz, MA,

Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT #2003)

Hi, I'm Natalie, multi-media artist and Expressive Arts Therapist. My love of the arts, nature and authentic connection are what fuel my passion to support individuals of all ages through creative expression and healing.

My education and training include a bachelor's degree in Sociology, a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a post-graduate professional diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy. My extensive training using the arts for healing allow me to create a caring and compassionate environment where you can feel safe to explore your innate creative resources for self-expression, personal growth and healing.


Over the past ten years I have worked with all ages of art makers supporting them through depression, anxiety, divorce, chronic pain, life transitions, social skills development, parenting concerns, terminal illness, and the journey through grief.


As a lifelong learner, I continue to attend workshops and trainings to keep up to date with new developments and changes in the mental health field. I'm a member of the San Diego Expressive Arts Alumni Association and the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.


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